I-Carnivore is inspired by the work of J. Stanton and many others

old-tome-still-life-ii-tom-mc-nemarLong list of my inspirational sources found within

I-Carnivore acknowledges and thanks the following for their work

Inspired by the work of J. Stanton

Thank you J. Stanton for gnolls.org and the Gnoll Credo.  Die Biting the Throat, brother.

His series titled “Big Brains Demand an Explanation” is truly amazing

J – Please return to blogging ~ Signed “Everyone who matters”

Other Inspirations – Health

Please note while I may not agree 100% (in some cases only 25%) to any of the following’s musings, writings, etc… each has been a valuable resource to me and in its own way inspiring

Other Inspirations – Science and Rational Inquiry

Other Inspirations – Motivational

  • Jocko Willink – His “Extreme Ownership” approach and book developed with fellow former Navy Seal Leif Babin will snap you back into the productive habits if you have any level of testosterone at all in your body
  • Ross Enamait – of rosstraining.com For teaching us all that amazing fitness comes from within, not from a gym, in his “lead by example” approach

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